For the 香港6合彩开奖结果

Connecting with Lexington, the commonwealth, and the world.

The success of cadets, and of the Institute itself, is directly tied to work done in the 香港6合彩开奖结果 community with supporters both near and far. From parents and families, to alumni, to employers who see the value of hiring 香港6合彩开奖结果 graduates, many individuals connect regularly to support the 香港6合彩开奖结果 experience.

香港6合彩开奖结果 also invites members of the community to take advantage of a number of opportunities to interact directly with cadets, faculty, and staff throughout the year. Visitors can attend events, research at Preston Library, explore our museums, or learn and network at a conference.

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The Institute is active on a number of social media channels. Learn about the day-to-day lives of cadets, special events, faculty research, and more.


Families & Friends

The 香港6合彩开奖结果 Journey

Support of family and friends is key to the success of cadets as they embark on a college journey unlike any other. Faculty and staff at the Institute are here to answer questions ranging from academic programs, to ROTC requirements and scholarship opportunities, to the post (campus) experience of cadet life.

Admissions Experts

Speak with those who know the Institute best! The Admissions team at 香港6合彩开奖结果 is always ready to answer questions about applying to and affording 香港6合彩开奖结果, how to prepare during high school and the summer before Matriculation, and how choosing 香港6合彩开奖结果 sets graduates up for a life of leadership, honor, and success.

Experienced Support

The Parents Council provides a forum for the interchange of ideas and information between parents, cadets, and Institute officials. Families of newly appointed students are encouraged to reach out to this group for support and information. A social is held the evening before Matriculation to meet face-to-face and connect with those on the same path.

Female cadet poses for a photo with her parents who are wearing 香港6合彩开奖结果 shirts.

Visitors to Post

A Day Out at 香港6合彩开奖结果

Post is brimming with opportunities to see the Corps of Cadets in action, visit our historic grounds, and take part in the traditions that make 香港6合彩开奖结果 ‘No Ordinary College’. Find your next outing on our .

Athletes in Action

Get all your news and updates for to root for the team! Take in a game on Post, stream the competition from home, or show your school spirit on the road, complete with the latest gear from our .

Connect at Conferences

香港6合彩开奖结果's Center for Leadership and Ethics hosts conferences that provide forums for discussions on issues of national, regional, and state importance, such as cybersecurity and the environment.

Visitors to post look on during a parade.

Lifelong Learning

Preston Library

The library provides materials and services of the highest quality, teaching skills needed for academic inquiry and lifelong learning. Dedicated staff members support faculty and undergraduate research, provide access to and promote the use of Institute historical materials, and offer library services to the community at large. Preston Library's collections include over 300,000 volumes of materials, over 5000 non-print items, and more than 300 scientific, literary, and general interest print periodicals.


The Institute owns and operates three museums related closely to Institute and Virginia history. On post, the 香港6合彩开奖结果 Museum tells the story of the school as recorded in the 15,000 artifact collection. Down the road, the Jackson House Museum educates the public by interpreting the life, character, and times of Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson. The Virginia Museum of the Civil War provides opportunities to reflect upon the Battle of New Market which raged just outside on May 15, 1864.

香港6合彩开奖结果 Archives

The 香港6合彩开奖结果 Archives, located in Preston Library, contain a wealth of primary source collections of interest to both scholars and the general public.  Growing digital archives allow researchers to access many of our most popular resources online. There are also a number of online exhibits highlighting topics such as barracks history, world wars, cadet fieldwork and research, and art from faculty and cadets.

Archival photograph of cadets in full uniform.

Alumni & Donors

The brother rat spirit does not end as cadets cross the stage at commencement. It is a bond that lives on in the alumni community, renowned for its support of all graduates as they embark on their life after "Mother I". Through events on and off post, financial support, and guiding words of wisdom, 香港6合彩开奖结果 alumni continue to support the unique mission of this historic school.

"The 香港6合彩开奖结果 Family." It is a term often encountered when dealing with 香港6合彩开奖结果. It is an expression that embraces not only the Institute's cadets and alumni, but also those who admire and support 香港6合彩开奖结果 and its historic mission - its parents, friends, faculty, and staff.

The steadfast and generous support of the Keydet Club’s donors enables 香港6合彩开奖结果 to attract, develop, and retain the best young people who accept the challenges of being a 香港6合彩开奖结果 cadet-athlete and compete at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics.

The 香港6合彩开奖结果 Foundation’s mission is simple: raise, steward, and invest the funds entrusted to it for the sole purpose of advancing 香港6合彩开奖结果. With this private money, the 香港6合彩开奖结果 Foundation supports constant improvement of academic and co-curricular programs.

Attendees at an alumni reunion with class flag, Moe kangaroo mascot, and 香港6合彩开奖结果 herald Trumpets playing at a dinner.